The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

Posted by Kendall Harmon

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1. Kendall Harmon wrote:

This is the video referred to in the NY Times magazine article in the previous posting.

Absolutely hilarious—birghtened my day.

February 26, 7:44 pm | [comment link]
2. Carol R wrote:

That is Sooo funny!  It made me cry from laughing.  She deserved her standing-O!  Thanks for posting this.

February 26, 7:53 pm | [comment link]
3. BabyBlue wrote:


February 26, 8:22 pm | [comment link]
4. Dee in Iowa wrote:

She didn’t miss a point - in the end - moms are the same, generation to generation…luved it….

February 26, 8:32 pm | [comment link]
5. Susan Russell wrote:

Brilliant! I read about her in the NYT last night and had made a note to “Google” her ... thanks for a HUGE day brightener ... I’m sending this to both my sons!

February 26, 8:32 pm | [comment link]
6. Undergroundpewster wrote:


February 26, 8:46 pm | [comment link]
7. Hursley wrote:

Perhaps we could have her sing this at Lambeth. It might help folks figure out what the rules really are in life.

A great posting…something to share with my wife, family, and friends. Thanks!

February 26, 11:06 pm | [comment link]
8. New Reformation Advocate wrote:

Hmmm.  I notice that after Kendall himself made the first comment, that the next four commenters to jump in were all women.

But I couldn’t agree more with all the folks above.  This is absolutely delightful.  And it’s nice occasionally to find something like this that even Susan Russell of Integrity can agree with and rejoice in as much as the rest of us.

David Handy+

February 26, 11:46 pm | [comment link]
9. Phil wrote:


February 27, 1:05 am | [comment link]
10. Chris wrote:

Also quite funny is Pachelbel Bedtime -

February 27, 12:01 pm | [comment link]
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