Religion and Ethics Weekly: What do religious voices have to say about the Economic Crisis?

Posted by Kendall Harmon

[BOB] ABERNETHY: Father Martin, just step back just a minute and, quickly, what are the big lessons here about, maybe, things that go beyond just the bailout itself?

Fr. [JIM] MARTIN: Well, I think one thing is that, you know, these assets were highly valued because they were risky. In economics there's a risk-return relationship, and I think one of the things we see that hasn't been commented on is just that the CEOs sort of lost the sense of personal responsibility to their investors and, you know, to the people they were giving mortgages to. I mean, you know, you check out a lot of magazines in the past few months, they were talking about the coming collapse. It's not, you know, it's not as if people didn't know this was going to happen, and yet the investment was still being made. So I think there's a certain level, I agree with Jim Wallis, of personal responsibility that needs to be accepted by the CEOs. So in other words what I'm saying is it points out is that, you know, people really do have the responsibility for making conscientious decisions in the workplace.

[BOB] ABERNETHY: Jim Wallis, quickly.

Rev. [JIM] WALLIS: I think there's an opportunity here for redemption. If our congregations begin to look at these questions -- we ought to have adult Sunday school curriculum on money and how to be responsible in our economic lives. That could be a real opportunity for the pulpit to get involved here and start talking about what Christians and Jews and Muslims ought to do in responsible ways about how they live.

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