U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops offers 5 keys to end the Financial Crisis

Posted by Kendall Harmon

The first key Bishop Murphy encouraged was taking into account the "human and moral dimensions" of the crisis.

"Economic arrangements, structures and remedies should have as a fundamental purpose safeguarding human life and dignity," he affirmed. The prelate said a "scandalous search for excessive economic rewards," which gets to the point of exacerbating the vulnerable, is an example of "an economic ethic that places economic gain above all other values."

"This ignores the impact of economic decisions on the lives of real people as well as the ethical dimension of the choices we make and the moral responsibility we have for their effect on people," Bishop Murphy wrote.

Second, the New York bishop called for "responsibility and accountability."

Read it all.

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1. Clueless wrote:

I’m RC, but frankly I find this sort of jargon filled theobabble from the bishops irritating and tiresome.

It would be more to the point if they would:
1.  Condemn usury and theft.
2.  Commend charity and honesty.
3.  Reassure America of God’s love, and the prayers of the Church.

And after that they should JUST SHUT UP.  This is a matter for Cesear, not for a bunch of guys who don’t need to worry about either their jobs or pensions.

September 30, 10:57 am | [comment link]
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