IPS News: Will a Fierce Battle Over Same Sex Unions Split the Anglican Church?

Posted by Kendall Harmon

[Archbishop Greg] Venables attended both conferences, at Canterbury and Jerusalem. "The African bishops did not go to Lambeth because they feel frustrated," he said. "The Anglican Church in Africa has always been very traditionalist, and when the United States suddenly took a direction that many did not agree with, they found there was no room for dissenters."

This is the dilemma today in the Anglican Church, he said. There is a "serious crisis," according to Venables, but the decision to break apart or to settle the differences has been postponed. The next Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting, convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, will be held in Alexandria, Egypt in February 2009.

The bishop of Argentina said he had persuaded the African primates to attend, but he admitted that they are skeptical about the results that can be expected.

"They say that it will just be more of the same. Their patience is running out. They feel that 'again, white people want to run everything their own way,'" he said.

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1. Choir Stall wrote:

Here is Vickie Gene Robinson cutting to the chase and revealing the god of his dreams. Commenting in an interview with Religious News Service, his sour grapes about Rick Warren’s upcoming invocation at THE Coronation, Mr. Robinson describes his god:

A: The God I know says to me, just like we hear God saying at Jesus’ baptism, that you are my beloved, and in you I am well pleased. That’s a very, very different God. Imagine the difference between a parent who loves you for you who are, and one that says I’ll only love you if you change.

Hello: That was the Father to Jesus the Christ. The rest of us hear at our baptism that we must believe, repent,  and be saved….(have you READ the ‘79 Baptismal Service Gene? Something in there about change, and turning to a saviour.)  But, the Simple Country Bishop’s god is finally out. Explains much. Also explains much about the benign people who approved him, elected him, and continue to support him.
So, the question was: “Will a Fierce Battle Over Same Sex Unions Split the Anglican Church?”
By all means….please….oh God, please, and soon.

December 29, 12:58 pm | [comment link]
2. Harvey wrote:

I find a lot of horrible judgement in Scripture of “same sex” marriage in Holy Scripture.  But even more belief in one man + one woman marriage.

December 29, 12:59 pm | [comment link]
3. Spiro wrote:

Re: “‘They feel that ‘again, white people want to run everything their own way,’” he said.’
Actually, the Africans, and millions of Christians the world over, feel that “unChristian people” want to run, and are in fact running, everything in the Anglican Communion their own way.

This is not a matter of black vs. white; it is a matter of believers vs. non- and sceptical- believers.
The die is cast. One must be either one, or the other. We Christians do NOT own our time, talent, and treasure. They belong to God, and we have no right to waste them on meetings with predetermined agenda, such as the most recent silliness that took the place of a once honorable and meaningful Lambeth Conference). Such nonsenses do NOT advance the Gospel of Christ; they are a scandal to the Cross.

Have we forgotten that not long ago, the meetings of the Anglican leadership were supposedly on how to make the US and Canadian churches come back to their senses and to Holy Scriputure. NOW, these errant “churches” and their unscriptural vomit and cesspool - as evident in their writings, sermons, and activities - are no longer the issue. According to the “know-it-alls in Anglican high places, the problem in the Communion is the “trouble”  the likes of Iker+ and Duncan+ are causing on the Communion.
Talk of UP being down and DOWN being up.

Lord have mercy. 

Fr. Kingsley Jon-Ubabuco
Arlington, Texas

December 29, 3:26 pm | [comment link]
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