Petraeus Gives Stark Warning of Potentially Imminent Pakistani Collapse

Posted by Kendall Harmon

This is the culmination of a long, patient slow-motion insurgency by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance suddenly propelled into a fast-moving and aggressive push on many fronts and forms. The jury is still out on the level of commitment of the Pakistani military push to take back Buner and, presumably, the Swat district from Taliban-al-Qaeda control.

The manner in which the Pakistanis pursue that push is critical. Will they continue to rely heavily on area weapons, such as artillery and helicopter gunships which cause much collateral damage and limited precision? Or will it shift to a boots-on-the-ground fight between men for Pakistan's survival? And will those boots continue to be the less capable Frontier Corps paramilitary forces and local constabularies, or will the more professional and capable Pakistani Army assume the tip of the spear? These are important questions that we will learn the answers to over the coming days.

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1. Alice Linsley wrote:

Pray for Pakistani Christian living in the northern tribal areas which are now controlled by the Taliban.  Read about these suffering Christians here:
And here:

April 30, 8:34 pm | [comment link]
2. AnglicanFirst wrote:

My first concern, from the very beginning, regarding large-scale U.S military involvement in Afghanistan was its logistic remoteness and its questionable long-term logistic accessibilty.

Afghanistan is only accessible over land or air routes.  Both route types require the permission/cooperation, for the passage of logistics vehicles/aircraft, of countries whose national interests may not continue to be/are not in agreement with those of the United States.

It is quite possible that we will face a situation in which we will have to ‘force passage’ in order to maintain our forces in Afghanistan or to extract those forces.

The most logistically expedient route into and out of Afghanistan is through Pakistan.  If the logistic viability and survival of our forces in Afghanistan is impeded by events in Pakistan then we may have to ‘force our passage’ through Pakistan.  This may be necessary just to safely rermove our forces from Pakistan.

April 30, 10:52 pm | [comment link]
3. Fr. Dale wrote:

though we must continue to assist those within Pakistan not aligned against us. They understand the consequences, and we - and they - must be prepared for them however this plays out.

My guess would be that the U.S. hopes we are “invited” into Pakistan to assist in stabilizing things. We don’t want nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists and we could operate in Afghanistan more effectively.

April 30, 11:23 pm | [comment link]
4. New Reformation Advocate wrote:

For me, the scariest thing about the possible fall of the Pakistani government is that Pakistan has produced nuclear weapons.  It’s the one Islamic nation that has atomic bombs.  And the possibility that one or more of those terrible weapons might fall into the hands of ruthless Muslim terrorists who hate America (and India) is truly a nightmare.  Lord, have mercy.

Thanks for the links about persecuted Christians there, Alice.

David Handy+

April 30, 11:26 pm | [comment link]
5. Katherine wrote:

Alas, alas for the idealists of 1948.  They created a small Jewish state and now actively hinder the Jews’ keeping it, and they created a far larger Muslim state which has become a danger to all people.

May 1, 7:39 am | [comment link]
6. A Floridian wrote:

Oil has fueled the power and spread of islam as a radical militan conquering political and spiritual power.  There is also a spiritual reality to this situation that controls what is allowed.  Evil always enters a vaccuum through an open door.  (Matthew 12:44; Luke 11:25)

God has always used the Egyptians and Assyrians to discipline His people.  The West has become decadent, adulterous, unfaithful.  We have abandoned God and disobeyed His Word.  We have become spiritually empty, weak and opened the door to evil and spiritual pollution, and that creates the need for God to allow discipline by these forces.

Islam, like Western spiritual decline and decadence, is also a rebellion against the Word and Will of God.  The treatment of women and children in both cultures is shameful and ungodly.  Unless they/we repent and are converted, our misogyny and exploitation, violence, promiscuity, indulgence of the flesh will continue to eat up, dominate and destroy all in its path, especially the elderly, infirm, women and children. 

The words spoken by the angel in Genesis 16:12 describe the character of the islamic spiritual political system.  Sure, there are ‘nice’ muslims, and ‘nice’ ‘gays’, ‘nice’ harlots and philanders, false prophets, etc, but they are still in rebellion and that creates a spiritual reality - sin - and sin is evil and always harmful to us and to others connected to us or in our field of influence.  Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ.  There is no other Name under heaven by which we may be saved.  Who has the Son has Life, who does not, does not have Life.  Facts is facts.

May 1, 9:35 am | [comment link]
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