Time: Why Britain’s Affair with the U.S. Is Over

Posted by Kendall Harmon

If anyone still doubts that George W. Bush and Tony Blair were the closest of allies, the text of a July 2002 note from the U.K. Premier to the U.S. President, revealed in a new book, should dispel any lingering skepticism. "You know, George, whatever you decide to do [about Iraq], I'm with you," Blair assured his friend.

The End of the Party, an account by British political commentator Andrew Rawnsley of how Britain's Labour government came to squander a huge popular mandate to face possible defeat in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, identifies a multiplicity of contributory factors. Blair's unwavering determination to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with a martial U.S. is prominent among them.

The damage may be permanent. On March 28 an influential cross-party committee of MPs in Britain weighed in on the wider impact of that policy. "The perception that the British Government was a subservient 'poodle' to the U.S. Administration leading up to the period of the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath is widespread both among the British public and overseas," states a report from the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. "This perception, whatever its relation to reality, is deeply damaging to the reputation and interests of the U.K."

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1. Bill C wrote:

“This perception, whatever its relation to reality, is deeply damaging to the reputation and interests of the U.K.”

I really hate this quote -and others like this one.  I emphasizes the truth that all too often, the deadly importance of perception trumps principles and that in all walks of life. 

As Christians we are called to always stand for the ‘principles’, represented for us as the gospel of Jesus, the absolutes of truth and the complete authority of Scriptures in our lives and, as should be, our total outer expression of that truth, authority and life to the world around us.

March 30, 8:57 am | [comment link]
2. DonGander wrote:

“This perception, whatever its relation to reality,...”

Yes, I agree, I’m baffled by the indicated professed ignorance. Perception is important, but more important than reality??

Our existential education has failed the World.


March 30, 11:57 am | [comment link]
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