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Little tech support will be available this weekend. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.
Also, while we are offline, we hope you will continue to offer us feedback on how the new blog is working so far. We really need it.

After too many 18 hour+ hour days at the computer between our real job and all the extra work to design and set up the blog, this elf is signing off for the weekend. We also hear that Greg G. is not going to be online much this weekend. What this means, is that folks with login and registration problems, or other tech questions or problems are likely going to have to wait until Monday for help. Feel free to send e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or leave comments here. Just don't expect a reply from ElfGirl or Greg until Monday.

A tech note:
The two blog admin "Sticky" posts that were at the top of the blog earlier today (Open thread, and Info on the Sidebar setup & Categories, etc.) have all been made "unsticky" -- you can find them below on the original dates they were posted. But to make them easy to find, the links are in the sidebar. Also in the sidebar are the links to all three of "Daily Blog Tips" posts from this week. That "blog tips" series will resume again on Monday.

On a pesonal note, a plea for feedback:
After having been online and monitoring or working on the blog for 6-8 hours or more per day most of this week, I feel like I've been living, eating, breathing T19 all week. That intense blog exposure has been interesting, and I wanted to add a few personal words before I shut down the computer for the weekend. Firstly, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to hear from many readers who have written needing tech assistance. So many of you have offered words of encouragement and shared how important and helpful Titusonenine is to you. That makes all this hard work worthwhile to know that this is really a ministry to and important resource for many. Our readers and commenters are a huge part of what has made this blog so successful over the past three years. We hope there will be the same kind of lively and deep discussions on the comment threads of this new blog. From all we can see, the move to a new server and new software offers outstanding opportunities to make a great blog even several degrees better. We're working towards it on our end, and are sure Kendall is too.

It's been a bit odd that the comment threads have been anemic on many posts this week. It's probably normal given the switch to new software and the requirement that readers must register in order to comment. But, if there is some feature or design issue that is making commenting difficult would you please let us know?

Secondly, on a related note, I can't emphasize enough how important your feedback is to all of us involved with the blog, especially as we work to design it and setup various features to make it a helpful and hopefully easy to use resource. Our goal is not blog design for blog design's sake, but to have the design serve the needs and interests of our readers. So do chime in as to what you want this blog to be. Otherwise, we'll take the large degree of silence to mean that you all think we elves are perfect and can do no wrong. And that would not be a good thing for our egos!

Oh, and just an FYI for the weekend. Even though elfgirl, (aka the blog-design and membership-support elf) is going to be offline for the weekend, ElfLady is NOT signing off for the weekend. So, mind your Ps & Qs on the comment threads! At least one of us is still watching! wink

Blessings all, and thanks for putting up with all the posts and deluge of information from us this past week. Until Monday...

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1. rugbyplayingpriest wrote:


the one thing I miss is the manner in which the old site made weblinked names blue- thus easy for people to navigate to one another’s own websites.

Could it be re-introduced?

June 2, 4:13 am | [comment link]
2. Pageantmaster ن wrote:

It’s been a bit odd that the comment threads have been anemic on many posts this week.

Suspect that things dropped off when the old site was falling over more often than not and a lot of bloggers were offered refuge by SF.  This has always been the thinking Christian’s blog and they will be back now, once they can remember their password.  You may even find with the removal of the arithmetic test that you attract a wider audience.

If you build it they will come.

Thanks so much for your hard work.  God Bless.

[I also like blue - it is very calming, and goes with my skin.]

June 2, 7:32 am | [comment link]
3. Ross wrote:


In the absence of that feature, you can still create a “signature” that links to your website or blog.  That’s what I’ve done, and if my referral logs are any guide people are indeed noticing and following those links.

To set a signature, go to your control panel—click on “Your account” on the right side of the page—then “Edit Signature.”  Enter whatever text and links you want, then “Update Signature.”

You also want to check your preferences—“Edit Preferences”—because there’s an option that either hides or displays everyone else’s signatures when you view the blog.  “Display member signatures in entries” should be checked; if it isn’t, check it and click “Update.”

You should now have a nifty little sig line attached to all of your comments, even the old ones.

June 2, 2:00 pm | [comment link]
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