Todd Wetzel’s Anglicans United Report on the House of Bishops debate on Same Sex Blessings

Posted by Kendall Harmon

Discussion included a statement by Bishop Greg Brewer, Central Florida, in which he pointed out that, in areas of the world with dominant Moslem majorities, Christians would be killed because they adhere to a Faith, which supports any inclusion of homosexuality or lesbianism. Because of the reception of satellite TV with programs from the United States, countries in Africa – especially the Islamic majorities – constantly battle against the adoption of homosexuality into their cultures.

The House barely hesitated at his remark. I think this is result two-fold. In 2008, most of the African provinces declined to attend the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England. As a result, the TEC bishops that did attend did not have the opportunity to meet them and hear their stories. They did meet and hear from bishops in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and New Guinea where Christianity is less than 2% of the population. In these countries, homosexuality is taboo also, but the reaction is not as violent as in Africa. So, how much does this issue matter across the Communion?

In a vote on Tuesday, the House of Deputies concurred by passing the measure with an even wider margin.

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1. tired wrote:

“... did not have the opportunity to meet them and hear their stories…”

My take was a bit different: they simply do not care.

July 12, 10:16 am | [comment link]
2. MichaelA wrote:

Yes, any educated person (heck, any person who reads the newspaper) in a western society knows full well that endorsement of homosexuality by western churches means trouble for Christians in Africa and Asia.  The delegates at GC know.  But they just do not care.

July 12, 8:46 pm | [comment link]
3. MichaelA wrote:

“And, as usual, the red doors of our Churches will swing open on Sunday. Pews will fill, children will color and learn Scripture, the organ will sound and we will all breathe a sigh of relief that it will be three more years until the next General Convention.”

So, life is just going to go back to normal?  All GC means is some adverse publicity in the MSM and otherwise doesn’t affect orthodox Anglicans in their congregations? Fr Wetzel is deluding himself. 

Whilst change will be incremental rather than spectacular, the liberals will be emboldened by this GC and will further increase their intrusion into faithful parishes.  Sooner or later it will affect even the most orthodox congregations, unless they take special precautions.

July 12, 8:50 pm | [comment link]
4. Karen B. wrote:

Michael A., I too was struck by that quote… “Pews will fill….” as if all will go back to “normal” post GC.

I have huge respect for Todd+ and Cherie Wetzel and the ministry of Anglicans United and we have posted most of their intercessory updates at Lent & Beyond in the past week, but that statement struck me as very naive, or wishful thinking. 

As I’ve posted several times, my heart goes out to, and my prayers are ascending for all those orthodox in TEC who are now left to figure out “what next” in the wake of this disastrous convention. 

I have no doubt that a faithful remnant is called to stay.  I once thought I would be among that remnant. 

But it is a dangerous job to stay in the burning building and snatch others from the fire. Some will be gravely wounded in the process.  My prayer is that all who stay who love the Lord and hold to His truth will truly find ways to “keep themselves in the Lord’s love and build themselves up in their faith.”  (See Jude)

The Wetzels and so many others are in my prayers tonight.

July 12, 9:01 pm | [comment link]
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