([London] Times) ‘Profound mistrust’ fuelling anti-Muslim hatred, says Baroness [Sayeeda] Warsi

Posted by Kendall Harmon

Anti-Muslim hatred is being fuelled by “an underlying, profound mistrust” and a “misinformed suspicion” of people who follow Islam, according to the country’s most senior Muslim politician.

Baroness Warsi, the Minister for Faith and Communities, will warn today of a “particularly concerning” problem that she believes is “paving the way for anti-Muslim hatred”.

In a speech this evening to the Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA), Lady Warsi will outline what she believes is a continuing “negative perception” of Muslims.

Read it all (requires subscription) and there is a lot more in the Independent there.

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1. Tomb01 wrote:

I would agree with her if the experience of Islam in Europe was ‘assimilation’, but it is not.  Islamists in general do not want to assimilate, they want their own rules, their own culture, their own morals, their own schools, their own laws.  There are already Sharia courts in England.  The new mantra of Islam is that if you don’t want them to have those things you are ‘anti islam’.  As we in the Episcopal/Anglican church know all too well, the ‘phobe’ label (in this case islamaphobe) is a powerful weapon in their arsenal.  Do not be fooled, while she is likely earnest and looks like she has assimilated into the English culture, the vast majority of the Islamists there are not interested in that.  It is against the will of their God, and it is likely that any Imam would be challenging her for her brazen uncovered hair….

Worse, the Politically Correct among us are supporting them.  So, if there is no threat from Islam, why did young British Muslims strap bombs onto themselves and kill people in London?  These were young men that grew up in England, but went to Sharia schools, and inflamed in British mosques.  In many countries in Europe they now have laws on the books that prevent ‘hate speech’, meaning you cannot say anything bad about Islam.  Some of these laws are a result of Islamist violence against their own countrymen, and in response the PC governments didn’t want to ‘insult’ them…  I’m sorry, but until they stop demanding their own schools, their own courts, and that our cultures adapt to them, I will be an ‘Islamaphobe’.

January 24, 10:29 pm | [comment link]
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