Uncovering the ‘Holocaust by bullets’

Posted by Kendall Harmon

Painful to watch but hauntingly powerful--warning, a number of images are very disturbing.

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1. KAR wrote:


Though, I imagine the priest is having a secondary pastoral mission. I have a friend who is writing a book about the reconciliation process in Rwanda, she mentioned that her research actually had a healing aspect as it was often the first time people could truly open up and share as it’s something no one talks about because everyone has a horrible story, there is no one to just listen. Often there was a barrier at first until trust could be built, but her research caused her to just listen. I imagine that this priest is also offering freedom to horrible memories that had to be suppressed all these years from these Ukrainians.

January 28, 1:03 pm | [comment link]
2. David Keller wrote:

This last week here in South Carolina carries a warning about our past.  If Bill Clinton (remember the “First Black President”?) will use racially charged speech against blacks for the obtaining of power, deeper discrimination of other kinds, even concentration camps, is still possible.  We humans have a very thin veneer of civilization and we have to be constantly vigilant to keep our dark sides from leaching out.

January 28, 1:18 pm | [comment link]
3. Pageantmaster ن wrote:

Would that this were only about 1940’s Europe.  It is going on in Kenya, Burma and Sudan right now.

Domine Dirige Nos.

January 28, 1:59 pm | [comment link]
4. Terry Tee wrote:

I can only echo the sentiments of # 3.  Today the Telegraph of London has a picture from Kenya of a weeping child of about three, on a chair, on front of which lies the bloodied body of the child’s mother, hacked to death for being the wrong tribe.

January 28, 2:45 pm | [comment link]
5. Terry Tee wrote:

I should have added:  the picture literally had me weeping.  It is here but be warned - it is graphic. ELVES please check and remove this hyperlink if you are unhappy with it:

January 28, 2:47 pm | [comment link]
6. Bob K. wrote:

I wept. Things like this remind us that there IS a devil, mankind is hopelessly infected with the pathogen of sin, which does “so easily beset us.” In addition to what previous posters have written, what about Pol Pot? And the mass graves found in Iraq, courtesy of Saddam Hussein? Let us learn from the past, by all means. But let us also not be deceived. Mankind can be reformed by nothing less that getting a new heart and a new spirit (Ezek 18:31), through the radical saving grace found in the risen Lord, Jesus of Nazareth.

January 28, 3:58 pm | [comment link]
7. Daniel wrote:

Makes it kind of hard to dispute the “T” in TULIP, doesn’t it?

January 28, 7:53 pm | [comment link]
8. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) wrote:

Another million Jews is sad. That would bring the total to 7 million. Unfortunately the reporters, and perhaps the priest, seem unaware of an additional 7 million people forcibly starved to death in the Ukraine by Stalin in 1933.

Because Ukraine was full of productive family farmers—not cool under Communism—their land was forcibly collectivised. Their grain was shipped out of the country to produce foreign exchange or kept (under armed guard) as a “reserve” right there in Ukraine.  By March of 1933 Ukrainians were starving to death at the rate of 25,000 per day.

Somehow our media manage to overlook—again, and again, and again—the tens of millions of intentional deaths directly resulting from the orders of Communist thugs. However devastating the Holocaust may have been, we must remember that for every person exterminated under the Nazis ten have died under Communist persecution.

It’s almost as if our media and academic elite don’t want us the think that Communists were—and remain—murderous, evil monsters. Sorta makes you wonder why. Or ought to do.

January 28, 8:46 pm | [comment link]
9. Br. Michael wrote:

Actualy Stalin killed more communists than Hitler, or anyone else, for that matter.  Compaired to Stalin, Hitler was a piker.

I remember when Eichman was captured and tried.  I was about 12 and I plunged into a study of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.  I even read Shirer’s “Rice and Fall of the third Reich” at that age.  I did not want that ever to happen again.

I have seen oven the years how the world, in many cases liberals/socialists who detest US or western envolvement in anything, stand by while people are slaughtered.  Over the years I have become quite cynical.

January 28, 9:26 pm | [comment link]
10. Katherine wrote:

Thanks, #8, I now have some idea of what this video was.  I am not able to watch videos because of bandwidth problems, so when they are posted, a short written summary of what it’s about would be very helpful.  I would still like to see a short statement of what’s in this one.

January 29, 3:27 am | [comment link]
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