ESPN: Bad night has Cubs staring at another wasted year

Posted by Kendall Harmon

Well, I'll give Carlos Zambrano credit. His head didn't explode. He didn't break Mark DeRosa over his knee like a maple bat. Didn't try to stuff Derrek Lee down the dugout drainage pipe like a piece of used chaw.

As his Chicago Cubs fell into an 0-2 NLDS sinkhole, as his team melted into a little Cubbie-blue puddle of Game 2 errors, Zambrano at least tried to do his part. But it didn't matter. Almost nothing matters now as this series is all but over except for the champagne spray.

"It's hard when your teammates make things difficult for you," Zambrano said. "Like I said, it's not an excuse."

"We didn't help him out much, that's for sure," Cubs shortstop Ryan Theriot said.

Read it all. I can't talk about it rationally.

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1. Scott K wrote:

Although I’m a Red Sox fan, I lived in Chicago for many years and have a soft spot for the Cubbies.  The last two games have been heartbreaking.

October 3, 9:24 am | [comment link]
2. jeff marx wrote:

I am a WSOX fan (and we lost too) but the Cubs loss was more painful. I expected to lose, but I thought the Cubs were going to roar back.
Sorry Kendall and Cub fans

October 3, 9:46 am | [comment link]
3. phil swain wrote:

Let’s start with a little perspective.  No season of baseball is a “wasted year”.  This mentality that says that 29 teams had a wasted year because they didn’t win the WS is not conducive to keeping sports in their proper perspective.

Now as for the Cubs- oh, my.  But, it ain’t over yet-Eamus Catuli.

October 3, 9:55 am | [comment link]
4. Dallasite wrote:

I’m a Rangers fan.  Cubs fans have nothing on us in terms of disappointment in our team.

October 3, 10:11 am | [comment link]
5. Jeffersonian wrote:

Hey, anyone can have a bad century.

October 3, 10:38 am | [comment link]
6. Randy Muller wrote:

I’m a Giants fan, and I would certainly trade positions with the Cubs, even now.  At least they’re still playing.

October 3, 10:42 am | [comment link]
7. The_Archer_of_the_Forest wrote:

I don’t know what’s happened to the Cubs. They lost two at the Friendly Confines, and that rarely happened in the regular season. I think we might be fastly approaching a No-Cago World Series as opposed to a All Chicago World Series.

October 3, 11:06 am | [comment link]
8. Susan Russell wrote:

Kendall,  If it’s any comfort, as a second-generation-Dodger fan who’s watched the Dodgers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory more times than I can count, it’s not over til it’s over. (However, it is looking pretty good at the moment for Dodger fans! smile

October 3, 11:36 am | [comment link]
9. Will B wrote:

I wish Zambrano had broken each one of the infielders over his knee like a maple bat.  It was beyond painful to watch but I did.  Why?  Because I’m a Cub fan, from the moment I got my first glimpse of Wrigley Field from the Addison Street El platform when I was about 4 until now, living in exile in Red Sox nation ( I do not own a passport from the “nation” and refuse to get one!!).  I suppose I’ll be a Cub fan in the next life too.  Hopefully a world champion flag will fly over the nort’ side by then.  It aint over til the fat lady sings and while she hasn’t launched into the aria, she’s off stage warming up.  There’s still Saturday night and hopefully Sunday and Monday, at least.  I will continue to watch, cheer, hope and pray.  I will try to remain positive about it all but every Cub fan knows, it’s never too early to start worrying about next year.  A truly positive move is that Lou is benching Fukudome (or as most Cubs fans are calling him Fuku-dummy!)  For the good of the team I think he should commit hari kari (not to be confused with the famous Cub broadcaster) but the way he’s swinging a bat, he’ll probably miss and cut his kitchen curtains instead.  God help us all…

October 3, 11:47 am | [comment link]
10. Chris wrote:

there’s always next year Cubs Fans, my condolences.

remember though how Boston trailed the Yanks 3-0 in 2004 - you never know…...

October 3, 11:51 am | [comment link]
11. MikeS wrote:

I keep telling myself I should give up the American ethos of instant gratification and not demand so much from the Cubbies.

After all, it’s only a lifetime obsession, I can let it go.


October 3, 2:05 pm | [comment link]
12. MikeS wrote:

My other thought is, why couldn’t they have their swoon in June like a normal Cubs team?  This team is going to put out of the poster business.

October 3, 2:11 pm | [comment link]
13. Ouroboros wrote:

Hang in there, Cubs fans, all is not lost!!  Have faith!  This Red Sox fan knows what it’s like to be against the ropes, but even in a 0-2 sinkhole, there is still hope!

October 3, 2:21 pm | [comment link]
14. stevelong wrote:

Hi. My name is Steve and I’ve been a Cubs fan for 45 years. Help me keep from watching.
Cubs anonymous.

October 3, 6:03 pm | [comment link]
15. physician without health wrote:

Susan is right.  I may be totally off base here but I am predicting a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series.

October 4, 1:01 am | [comment link]
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