In cased you missed them:  You Tube videos of ++Akinola’s interview with Ruth Gledhill

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Kendall was very quick to get out the news of Ruth Gledhill's interview with Archbishop Peter Akinola, posting the news the evening of July 3rd. When we saw the post the following morning, we added the update indicating that there was more info available on Ruth Gledhill's blog.

We never, however, mentioned that there were several video portions of Ruth's interview with Archbishop Akinola available. So, for those who might have missed them, or might not have had time to watch them yet and would appreciate a reminder, here are the links:

The videos
Archbishop Akinola talks about Lambeth 2008 (6 minutes)
Dr Peter Akinola, Primate of Nigeria (4 minutes, he talks about his call to ministry)
Archbishop Peter Akinola and a threat of ritual sacrifice (2 minutes)

The articles

[thanks to Scott at Magic Statistics for the nice roundup post which reminded us about the videos]

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