James Ueberroth Chimes in on the Presiding Bishop and her recent South Carolina sermon

Posted by Kendall Harmon

From a letter to the editor in the local paper:
While not in The Post and Courier's coverage of the activities on Jan. 26, it has been reported in other sources that Katharine [Jefferts] Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, made several pronouncements in her sermon during Saturday's "convention" which I find to be highly inflammatory and quite offensive.
First, she has labeled my bishop, who was duly elected to the office and removed from same by a trumped-up ploy, a "tyrant." I have heard this man preach, watched recorded interviews with him and followed his actions. If I may be audacious and paraphrase Piiate's words - I find him to have done no wrong.
Second, as an Episcopalian who has spent his entire life in the faith - choirboy, acolyte, vestryman, member of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and an elected delegate to a diocesan convention, I feel I am not only well-grounded in the faith, but have grown through the years in my faith which remains relevant in today's world. I am highly offended that because I do not view the world through her skewed vision, nor accept her warped goals for the future, I am to be labeled a member of the ovine species.
Following her nefarious actions of October 2012, I have moved on and have found a far greener and acceptable meadow for grazing and growing my spiritual well-being.

James Ueberroth, Charleston

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