Dallas Episcopal parish names rector after long search

Posted by Kendall Harmon

After a yearlong national search, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas has called the Rev. Robert S. Dannals as rector, the priest in charge of the parish.

He has been rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Greenville, S.C., for the last 10 years.

"Dr. Dannals has a passion for evangelism and teaching, an impressive record of visionary leadership, and a proven ability to lead large, complex organizations," David Martin, senior warden at St. Michael and All Angels, said in a written statement.

Dr. Dannals, 51, is a graduate of Florida State University and Virginia Theological Seminary.

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Posted August 4, 2007 at 8:43 am

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1. Kendall Harmon wrote:

Is the chart for Christ Church Greenville

August 4, 8:48 am | [comment link]
2. David Wilson wrote:

Reading the above charts seems to suggest that something may have occurred in 2003 that had an effect on the membership, pledge income and ASA at Christ Church Greenville. Hmmmmm, I wonder what happened in the “vibrant and healthy” TEC.  I know only one half of one percent of the parishes left the Church over the gay bishop thing so I guess it must be something else in Greenville?

August 4, 9:16 am | [comment link]
3. Words Matter wrote:

It looks like Dr. Dannals cleaned off the parish membership rolls when he came, but they still have a remarkably low percentage of attendance to membership. It looks to hover around 20-25%, when average attendance is generally 30-35% of membership.  I don’t know what - if anything - that means. Perhaps they have a high number of non-attending members who continue to send in a contribution.

Words Matter

Reasonable people always fear nascent fascism.

August 4, 9:24 am | [comment link]
4. ChristopherLambart wrote:

Hey, I’m confused by this paragraph in the newspaper article, in light of the parish chart that Dr. Harmon posted.

“Posted on the Web site of St. Michael and All Angels is an interview with Dr. Dannals in which he says his Greenville, S.C., church worked through its divisions on the gay bishop controversy and continued to grow.”

Dr. Harmon is it possible that you did not select the correct parish chart when you posted this?

August 4, 9:59 am | [comment link]
5. Shirley wrote:

How do we get a chart for St. Michael’s (which used to be affectionately known as “St. Minks and All Cadillacs”)?

August 4, 10:09 am | [comment link]
7. chips wrote:

Interesting to see what will happen at St Michaels - a church I vistied.  It is very high church Anglo- Catolic.  But I think it has attracted a lot of liberal Episcopalians - it is not a Network Parish.  However, it is Park Cities Dallas which is heavy conservative Republican.  I assume they must have a lot of internal rancor.  Would love to hear the inside skinny from a member there.

August 4, 11:13 am | [comment link]
8. Words Matter wrote:

“St. Minks and All Cadillacs”

I haven’t that in 20 years. Thanks for the laugh.

A friend was married there ca. 1984 and I remember a diocesan event of some kind there. They used to have a high-toned music program and yes, they are said to be relatively liberal, though not so much as St. Thomas, the next parish up the road.

Words Matter

Reasonable people always fear nascent fascism.

August 4, 11:49 am | [comment link]
9. Shirley wrote:

Thanks, Charles #6.  That shows a dramatic change in giving after 2003, but the ASA went up…hmmmm. 
#8,  Glad you enjoyed it.  I haven’t lived in Dallas in many years, but I loved it when I did.  (Guess they all have BMW’s and such now).

August 4, 2:02 pm | [comment link]
10. Philip Snyder wrote:

I know several members of St. Michaels.  There is a lot of division there and I hope that the interim period has been a time of healing among many people.  I have been doing prison ministry with one couple there for several years and they are split on the issues that face the church.  While the Park Cities is a relatively rich part of town, there are also a number of wealthy liberals there. 

Pray that Father Dannals will be a healing force that leads St. Michael and All Angels into the truth of Jesus Christ.

Phil Snyder

“I do not believe because I understand.  I believe in order that I might understand” - Anselm
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

August 4, 3:09 pm | [comment link]
11. Dilbertnomore wrote:

Of the dog’s breakfast that was the slate of nominees for the Virginia Coadjutor, Dannals was the pick of the litter and would, in my opinion, have made an acceptable replacement for +Lee. (Also, IMO, the only acceptable person on the slate.) All that said, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

August 4, 4:01 pm | [comment link]
12. Philip Snyder wrote:

I also want to say that I know many faithful member of St. Michael’s.  They have a wonderful ministry and the church is a great support to the diocese and the clergy.  In the past year, it has brought in Walter Bruggeman and Miraslav Volf as guest speakers.  I know a couple of the clergy there too and they are both great people and wonderful clergy.  BTW, if you think St. Michael’s is “High Church” you should see St Francis or Holy Nativity!

Phil Snyder

“I do not believe because I understand.  I believe in order that I might understand” - Anselm
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

August 4, 4:57 pm | [comment link]
13. An Episcopalian for 35 years. wrote:

I have attended St. Michael’s off and on through the years. It has never been a convenient Parish for me but I have cultivated friends there-both members, and staff.  It has always been a very middle of the road parish.  As a church of the elite in Dallas it possesses the social tolerance of the educated elite in our society. Other than the turmoil caused in our diocese by Bishop Stanton and his gang most of St. Michael’s turmoil occurred because of a bad match in the last rector and the congregation. I would imagine Bishop Stanton is not pleased with the new selection as his control of the diocese has been greatly diminished by the departure of Christ Church Plano and the new rector seems to exemplify the middle of the road that St. Michaels has always been able to maintain.

August 4, 5:15 pm | [comment link]
14. Words Matter wrote:

Is St. Francis still in the diocese? They have looked at other options over the years, including Orthodoxy. St. Matthias was the other high church, but they left, didn’t they?

Words Matter

Reasonable people always fear nascent fascism.

August 4, 5:16 pm | [comment link]
15. Newbie Anglican wrote:

Yes, St. Matthias left and is now under ++Venables.

now Wannabe Anglican again

August 4, 9:29 pm | [comment link]
16. Clay From Dallas wrote:

I am a parishoner at St. Minks.  I’m a little enthused, but not blown away.  Per Danal’s questionnaire, he voted against VGR not because VGR’s ordination had been compromised or was wrong, or immoral, but merely because the sexuality issue was unresolved.  He considers it to be a secondary level issue, and that

August 4, 9:48 pm | [comment link]
17. Shirley wrote:

#16 Clay, thanks for your comment, but your last sentence was unfinished…...and the world needs to know.

August 5, 12:27 am | [comment link]
18. Rob Eaton+ wrote:

Whatever else is part of the mix for Dannals and St. Michael’s, one thing that must not be overlooked is his age and the fact that he was a finalist for Viriginia coadjutor.  If the vestry at St. Michael’s was on the ball (no telling unless one talks) they will have had a conversation with Fr. Dannals about the possibility of future candidacies for the episcopate.  Being a candidate uses up a certain amount of “pastoral equity”, as Bp Ed Little used to (or perhaps still) say.  Not to deny the unmistakable leading of the Holy Spirit, I would think the vestry would have asked for at least a 5 year contract (taking into consideration the time spent there already as interim) to help insure a healthy foundation (and considering what #13 said).
May the Lord anoint him for Faithful and Spirit-empowered ministry, and may the members respond and be anointed the same.


August 5, 3:02 am | [comment link]
19. chips wrote:

I wonder if An Episcopalian of 35 years realizes that his comments come across as elitist and snobish (I do not believe he meant them as a slur).  Having lived in the Park Cities as a law student I know that their “social tolerance” extends only so far.  It may be the most homogenous City and school district over 5k in the country.  I am fairly certain that Highland Park Methodist (about one mile away form St. Michaels) which I attended and met my wife at - would not support the New Thing. 
Having reviewed the diocese list I counted only 10 Parishes out of 77 who felt strongly enough to not be part of the ACN. Five of which are in Dallas proper.  I also counted 14 with web sites where finding any sign of Episcopalian was difficult or impossible. Should a second province form - without Dallas joining as a diocese- it looks like a melt down is in the works for the Diocese.

August 5, 8:54 pm | [comment link]
20. An Episcopalian for 35 years. wrote:

I actually am a member of the Church of the Incarnation where we are having our own rector search.  It has been very difficult for us as many candidates do not want to come to Bishop Stanton’s Diocese As far as being a member of the Network, I was surprised to find out that we were listed as a member one day as I read the Network website.  Upon inquiry at Incarnation I discovered that it was a diocesan vote that included all the churches in the network, with the proviso that individual churches could opt out if they wished. We pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury, and KJS at every service, so it appears to me that the biblically inerrant and homophobes really do not have that much to say at Incarnation.
    It is my opinion that the 3 largest parishes in Dallas would never vote to leave the Episcopal Church since their property for the most part is all paid for. As I said earlier the balance of power in Dallas shifted with the departure of the conservative Christ Church in Plano.  It was this same conservative group at that Diocesan Convention that passed the rule that our delegates were chosen by our Sunday attendance, and not by our membership rolls. Thus Christ Church’s influence greater influence in the Diocese after Bishop Robinson’s selection no longer exists.
    Incarnation today has racially mixed heterosexual couples, Asians, and a large Gay contingency, so I would invite our law student to try us out. It has the best music program of any Episcopal Church in Dallas too, with excellent liturgy just a little short of bells and smells.

August 6, 1:03 am | [comment link]
21. Mark Johnson wrote:

I must admit some surprise to read the references to St. Michael and All Angels being “High Church” - maybe it has changed drastically in the last two years, but I thought it was always very mainstream if not a little on the “low” side.  It had wonderful preaching though, and I agree with the postee above - Incarnation’s music is the best in Dallas.  Best of luck to St. Michael’s and their new rector - they have profound resources that can definitely (continue to) help make the world a better place in Christ’s name.  Similarly, good luck to Incarnation in their search for the new rector.  Regardless of where they fall on the conservative/progressive scale, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be rector at a very large parish.  It truly must take a special type of priest to be able to handle that.  God bless them.

August 6, 7:39 am | [comment link]
22. Sarah1 wrote:

RE: “As a church of the elite in Dallas it possesses the social tolerance of the educated elite in our society.”

LOL.  So not much, huh?

Re: “it appears to me that the biblically inerrant and homophobes really do not have that much to say at Incarnation.”

And I’m guessing not much at Incarnation either, judging by that . . . inclusive, affirming, and loving language.  ; > )

RE: “Other than the turmoil caused in our diocese by Bishop Stanton and his gang most of St. Michael’s turmoil occurred because of a bad match in the last rector and the congregation.”

The last rector was quite liberal and progressive, resulting in some rather dramatic losses in funding.  I expect that the search committee and vestry wished to select somebody who 1) wouldn’t scare the progressives there, and 2) would at least suggest the appearance of a tack back to the center.

August 6, 9:00 am | [comment link]
23. David Keller wrote:

I don’t want to comment on Dr. Dannals, but #20—why do you use the terms “inerrant and homophobes”?  I saw from the get-go that the election of VGR was going to cause a big rift, and I am neither. It sounds to me that you are guilty of what you are railing against. The truth is, we lived in tension before August 2004, but we could still live together until the issue was unilaterally forced in Minneapolis.  I am also glad you acknowledge that for most Episcopalians, this is about buildings.  It is in Upper SC, as it is in Dallas as it is at 815 2d Avenue.

August 6, 9:07 am | [comment link]
24. chips wrote:

When I was a law student a dozen years ago - I did go to visit Incarnation and found it to be an orthodox Church.  On the web site you can find the word Episcopal (no shield though) of greater prominence are the words “Member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion” (looks like the webmaster is orthodox).  They describe themselves as a theologically conservative church.  Because of its geography a large homosexual contingent would not be a suprise.  If a split comes Incarnation would I expect be badly divided.  It has a very pretty building.  I do not think this fight is about buildings - it is the buildings that makes the fight ugly like any bad marriage ending at a courthouse- but for the buildings the two sides would already have departed.  Look at the animosity here - and for real fun go over to Jakes website and feel the love and inclusiveness the Episcopal establisment has for orthodox Christians.

August 6, 10:05 am | [comment link]
25. Words Matter wrote:

Click here for a little more reappraiser love and inclusion; and remember this one when someone complains that the Presiding Bishop and/or the bishop of New Hampshire haven’t received the respect due their office.

Words Matter

Reasonable people always fear nascent fascism.

August 6, 2:57 pm | [comment link]
26. An Episcopalian for 35 years. wrote:

I seemed to have stopped comments on the current discussions, and I thought I would add some more to be re listed in email notifications. Chips is correct when he describes Incarnation as a more Orthodox Parish.  I for one would really like a great Anglo- Catholic church, but it will suffice at the moment. 
    As a humorous aside, I must tell you of something that I witnessed a few Sundays ago. but first a little back ground. At Incarnation until only 4 or 5 years ago, we did not stand up and exchange the peace, and then on that fateful Sunday, the rector announced that it was now all right to stand up and have the hug and kissathon at Incarnation. I for one still find it awkward and an intrusion on the service, but I do stand and greet the people on each side of me, and then sit down.
  A few Sundays ago, I watched a couple in front of me greet everyone, and then as they sat down, I noticed the lady pull out a bottle of Purell, and then pass it to her husband. Should I conclude they are Orthodox too?

August 6, 4:36 pm | [comment link]
27. Philip Snyder wrote:

#26 - If you want a “great Anglo-Catholic” church, you could try Holy Nativity in Plano or St. Francis in Dallas.

Phil Snyder

“I do not believe because I understand.  I believe in order that I might understand” - Anselm
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

August 6, 5:27 pm | [comment link]
28. Clay From Dallas wrote:

let me try this again…. {/goof}
I am a parishoner at St. Minks.  I’m a little enthused, but not blown away.  Per Danal’s questionnaire, he voted against VGR not because VGR’s ordination had been compromised or was wrong, or immoral, but merely because the sexuality issue was unresolved.  He considers it to be a secondary level issue, and that leaves me rather underwhelmed.

Fr. Anschutz (the previous rector) was a “progressive”, but not bombastic.  He had IMMENSE diplomatic skill, and there is an underlying tear in our fabric that Dr. Danals will have to address.

August 6, 6:16 pm | [comment link]
29. Sarah1 wrote:

RE: “Should I conclude they are Orthodox too?”

I think so—and conclude that they are homophobes too, I think—you won’t find any reasserter, I think, offended in the least by your conclusions.  I should rather think they’d be honored . . .
; > )

August 6, 11:26 pm | [comment link]
30. DallasGuy wrote:

Clay wrote:

Per Danal’s questionnaire, he voted against VGR not because VGR’s ordination had been compromised or was wrong, or immoral, but merely because the sexuality issue was unresolved.  He considers it to be a secondary level issue, and that leaves me rather underwhelmed.

I’m also (still) an SMAA member, though I’ve been attending elsewhere in recent months.  That is what Dannal wrote for SMAA, and for Virginia, IIRC—but last fall he said something different, according to a SW Florida paper, reproduced here:

The Rev. Robert S. Dannals, 50, has been rector since 1997 of Christ Church in Greenville, S.C. Dannals wrote, “In 2003 I voted in the minority not to affirm the consecration of the Right Rev. Gene Robinson. I based this decision on a traditional interpretation of the primary biblical texts.”


August 7, 11:26 am | [comment link]
31. Clay From Dallas wrote:

DallasGuy / Matt - So he was tailoring his answer to fit the perceived “wants” of the audience, and not answering, therefore, truthfully. (read that also as a rhetorical question)

That strikes me as a red-flag of sorts.  I’d respect the man is he’d had the brass to say “here’s who I am, here’s what I believe, take me as I am”.  It might not make good sense in a **business** job interview, but this is not the business world, is it? 


August 7, 3:09 pm | [comment link]
32. DallasGuy wrote:

My sentiments exactly.

August 7, 3:10 pm | [comment link]
33. DallasGuy wrote:

The parish has updated its rector search website to give an introduction to Bob+.

August 7, 8:40 pm | [comment link]
34. Shirley wrote:

#33 Well, that’s pretty classy.  I am impressed!

August 8, 9:26 am | [comment link]
35. David Keller wrote:

#34—I hope you’re joking. I thought it was disgusting.  The music sounds like Caesar’s triumphal entry into Rome.

August 8, 9:47 am | [comment link]
36. Shirley wrote:

#35 I guess I was, I don’t know.  The ‘rich and famous’ do things differently from the rest of us.  Anyway, I got a kick out of it.  “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”  Ps 17:22 KJV.
I’m not surprised he was in the process for bishop somewhere, and probably will be one some day.  The Episcopal Church of my birth is lost until there is humility and repentance, but I don’t blame this fellow.

August 8, 10:34 am | [comment link]
37. David Keller wrote:

#36—On reading my comment, it sounds like I was “jumping” on you.  I apologize.  I, unfortunetly know the man, and I have, therefore,  chosen not to make any comments previously on this thread, but St. Minks webpage blew me away.  Your humility comment is right on.

August 8, 10:59 am | [comment link]
38. Shirley wrote:

Thanks, David.  It’s okay though.  We are all a bit testy these days, myself included.  The questions won’t go away, “where to go”, “what to do” and the answers seem to be “nowhere” and “nothing”.  For all of the theological discussions on this blog, and from sincere and honorable men, it doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere at all.  I am sure the Lord is telling us something, but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

August 8, 11:23 am | [comment link]
39. Clay From Dallas wrote:

38: all the “jawjacking” is utterly pointless.  If nothing happens as of October 1, the AC is done for.  With no discipline, there can be no communion.  Communion implies commonality, and commonality requires adhered-to standards, and standards cannot exist without discipline.
I for one am not betting on discipline.  Either there will be a split, or the AC will die a slower, more gradual death from sheer apathy. 

There is NOTHING in TEC’s message of the modern day that is energizing UNLESS you’re a same-sex activist trying to topple societal norms.  After that, what then?  What will TEC stand for?

The answer CANNOT be “spread the gospel” - TEC’s own Bishops are on record as doubting the resurrection, the nobility of the crucifiction / sacrifice, and so on.  So what then, once deviance or same sex unions or same-sex partnering (or whatever name you call it) has been “normalized”?  I’m sure I don’t want to know.

It’s the theology of the locust swarm - identify a patch of greenery, swarm it, pillage it, then move onto the next easy meal.

August 8, 11:34 am | [comment link]
40. SMAA Parishioner wrote:

I’m excited about the hiring of Dannals. It appears he has the credentials to lead a parish that wrestles with the traditional-leaning diocese and the contemporary-leaning TEC. Our vestry has done an admirable job of maintaining patience as TEC and AC have wrestled thru the last 3-4 years. Anschutz knew that someone else was needed to provide a “unifying” leadership to the many voices under our roof. I will prayerfully ask that Dannals can guide our parish thru an extraordinary time in the history of the church.

August 8, 11:41 am | [comment link]
41. TedForbes wrote:

After reading this thread, I’d like to clarify on a few recent comments:

36. Shirley wrote:

#35 I guess I was, I don’t know.  The ‘rich and famous’ do things differently from the rest of us.

I am the designer of the said website and have been a lifetime member of SMAA. I got a kick out of David Keller’s comment on the music wink

I built the website by myself in 4 days. I had exactly 20 minutes to shoot the black and white portraits of Fr Dannals and record a welcome statement from him. We ended up getting it done in 15.

I’m flattered you like the site - I promise it has nothing to do with the rich and famous smile

Honestly I get frustrated with church politics so I can’t comment on much of this thread. I spent almost 10 years working with youth and a lifetime of volunteering for programs within the church… to me is time better spent than arguing - I leave that to folks who can do it better than myself.

From the 20 minutes I spent with Bob Dannals and a handful of emails, I’ve found him to be an extremely impressive and down to earth individual. I’m excited about his hire and can’t wait to see how he works out. I’m very optimistic and again, was very impressed with the man.

Any opulence that might be perceived from that web piece is more of a reflection of the search process and interest within the parish than Fr Dannals personality.

August 8, 2:20 pm | [comment link]
42. Mark Johnson wrote:

#41 - Congratulations, that’s a very well done site.  It’s well put together and effective.  You’ve got a great talent - it conveys enthusiasm and optimism.

August 8, 6:04 pm | [comment link]
43. Nick wrote:

It is a great website.

Most folks in Upper South Carolina know Bob to be a faithful pastor, rooted in a generous, personal, evangelical faith. He has helped to hold the center. Those on the ends do not always appreciate that, but it makes him a rare leader in our church. SMAA is blessed.

August 9, 8:24 am | [comment link]
44. An Episcopalian for 35 years. wrote:

I sure hope we at Incarnation in Dallas can get a rector like Larry Smith who is retiring from our Parish. His tenure in the last 10 years has been tenuous at best, but the last few years have been great in retrospect.. It takes great diplomatic skills to lead a large parish in TEC and keep all the elements thinking you are on thier side. I wonder if we will get back the parishionors that left when Larry came who went to St. Michaels, and vice versa.  There were a lot of St. Michaels parishoners that came to us. We could do it like a prisoner exchange at a point halfway between the two churches.  Do I get to choose??  There are a few I would like to send back.

August 9, 12:34 pm | [comment link]
45. Concerned in Upper SC wrote:

As a parishioner of Christ Church Greenville, I have read with interest comments re Bob Dannals.  After 2003, our rector assured traditionalists that he was one of us.  Over and over he asserted his orthodox/traditional views, yet his actions repeatedly did not reflect a traditional viewpoint.  I finally concluded that he was seeking to satisfy both sides of the issue by “saying” one thing and “doing” another.  I later learned that he was continuously involved in bishop search processes, perhaps as many as four or five, as well as rector search processes, so I now assume that he sought to have words/actions to satisfy all persuasions for the varied search committees.  This seems to be supported by #30 when he points to Bob Dannals’ different responses to Florida and to St. Michael and All Angels re the consecration of VGR.  I hope that the traditionalists at St. Michael and All Angels will hold him accountable for his words vs. actions, and that they will challenge him to lead in one direction or the other.

August 17, 10:20 pm | [comment link]
46. Bull Street wrote:

Nick—43—Nice try at a spin. Bob Dannals has not held the center. Revisionists at Christ Church are getting every green light and conservative believers have gotten shafted. Conservatives who have been active in the church are discouraged if not demoralized by Bob’s many power moves since V.Gene Robinson to shift Christ Church away from being the leading conservative parish in the diocese. Many families, formerly very involved in programs like Christian education, have given up because of Bob and left the church. Attendance is noticeably thin. Good luck to St. Michael’s.

August 18, 6:58 pm | [comment link]
47. Clay From Dallas wrote:

RE: 45:
You’re satisfying my pessimistic nature - and for something like this, that worries me.  Can you elaborate?

August 20, 10:15 am | [comment link]
48. Nick wrote:

But 45 and 46, aren’t you describing the difficult situation of holding a diverse parish together? CCG has published resolutions condemning the actions of the 2003 convention, allowed for the redirection of giving, affirmed traditional standards for sexual intimacy. If they have not taken every other possible step in the reasserter direction, they have taken several. If the parish held back from some other, precipitious actions, that sounds to me like an attempt to hold to the right side of the center, not an embrace of the liberal side of the debate. There ain’t no Integrity chapter at CCG.

The charge of “spin” is also uncharitable. These are my convictions based on the evidence I’ve observed. I’d prefer to be charged with ignorance rather than duplicity.

August 20, 3:12 pm | [comment link]
49. Bull Street wrote:

Nick (48)—I’ll withdraw the “spin” word, but not take up your offer of “ignorance.” Look at what you just wrote and compare with comment 43. In 48 you admit that Christ Church is on “the right side of the center,” necessarily referring to a larger center outside the parish. In 43 you said Bob Dannals has held the center of the parish. You are correct that the big center at Christ Church (Greenville, SC) is conservative. Since the initial reactions by the Vestry to the consecration of V. Gene Robinson that you cited, Bob has pushed his powers as Rector to strengthen and support the reappraiser leaders in Christ Church so that leading reasserters are mighty discouraged. Maybe you don’t know these people.

It will be interesting to hear from Bob in Dallas as events unfold the rest of this year. Expect him to support moves to stay loyal to TECusa no matter what.

August 21, 10:04 am | [comment link]
50. Nick wrote:

Thank you, Bull St.; I’ll certainly agree that it is a discouraging time, but for everyone who loves Christ and his church. The balance between a liberal ascendancy in TECUSA and a conservative one globally means no one will be happy for long, especially if winner-take-all is our m.o.

August 21, 10:51 am | [comment link]
51. Bull Street wrote:

Nick—You seem to be a reasonable person; I will try to emulate the spirit of your reply. I can only think of a few people who are “happy” (your word) about the situation in our worldwide church-home. These would be people who have won the day among the governing structures of TECUSA. Conservatives/reasserters are apprehensive and solemn, both in this country and around the Communion. Their trust in God is strong, but their expectations from the dominant TECUSA church-powers are bleak.

To bring this back to the topic of the thread, I will be very surprised if Bob Dannals ends up standing with the side of the Anglican Communion that is saying TECUSA has clearly walked away from historic Christian faith and practice.

August 21, 11:40 am | [comment link]
52. Clay From Dallas wrote:

At SMAA, there’s the usual “twitter” about the new rector, but I find that I am in the “having bit the apple” mode.  His interview answers just don’t seem to jibe with his other previous stated positions.
He voted “no” on VGR.  Was it because of there being no consensus (a cop out, to me anyhow) or because he (VGR) is living an immoral and biblically improper lifestyle?  Which is it?
SMAA’s going to have more of the same pro-TEC, “have it both ways” fence sitting that has plagued the parish for several years now.  I am so un-enthused by this.

August 21, 12:18 pm | [comment link]
53. catholic mom sc wrote:

Clay from Dallas, as to your question about why Danalls voted no to VGR the answer is, it depends on who Danalls is talking to.  The charge made above that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth is, unfortunately based in truth.  I have the misfortune of being deceived by Bob Danalls repeatedly over the thirteen years we were members at CCG. 
When I first heard of his move to SMAA, I looked at the website and the light began to dawn.  In the years I have known him, Danalls always does what is best for his career.  Certainly having SMAA on his resume would be counted as a notch on his bedpost.  He is known for constant looking out for bigger and better things. 
It will be interesting to see how long he stays before TECUSA rewards him for his fence-sitting.

August 22, 11:25 am | [comment link]
54. ChristopherLambart wrote:

I wonder if some people may be misinterpreting Father Dannals somewhat.

Everything I have heard of him in the diocese indicates that he is a conservative priest.

But he has been in several bishop search processes I think over the years, and it will be necessary for him to establish some sort of appearance of being a moderate, which in the Episcopal church is left of center from other churches, or, pretty much left of center from America as a whole.

It does not seem to me that he can afford to seem as if he is conservative if he is to be a bishop in the church and clearly this is his calling.

So to me, this is a rational and kind explanation for his actions.

In our own cathedral—though not as conservative as Father Dannals—the dean will need to do the same thing, and seems to be taking that tack too. [I am not saying that the dean is conservative, as I believe that Father Dannals is.]

I offer this as just an idea that may help explain things.

Bull Street, I think you must be just down the road from my workplace.

August 25, 4:27 pm | [comment link]
55. Concerned in Upper SC wrote:

Christopher - You offer as a “kind explanation” that Bob Dannals presents himself as a moderate, when he is in fact a conservative, to further his career toward becoming a bishop in TEC. I think that this is exactly what those who know him are saying also (though some question his orthodoxy).  For a priest to sacrifice honesty to further his ambitions for his career is inexcuseable.  This behavior not only reflects on his character, but it also has a great effect of those who look to him for spiritual guidance.

August 25, 9:24 pm | [comment link]

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