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Posted by Kendall Harmon

There are at least half a dozen reasons that a lot of political prognosticators, including many inside his own party, will tell you that Rudolph Giuliani will never be the Republican nominee for president, no matter what the polls say. They are, in no particular order:

1. As New York’s mayor, he was pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-gay rights.

2. He has demonstrated an odd propensity over the years for publicly dressing up in women’s clothing, proof of which is now readily available online, including a disturbing clip of Donald Trump nuzzling the mayor’s bosom.

3. He once endorsed Mario Cuomo for governor.

4. Once, while mayor, he holed up for months at the apartment of a gay couple who were close friends of his. Try explaining that one at Bob Jones University.

5. He has divorced two times; the last time, he broke the news to his family on national television. His two children don’t seem inclined to vote for him, let alone nominate him for Father of the Year.

6. Presidential politics is said to be largely about warmth and likability, and these aren’t words that leap to mind with Giuliani. His former political ally, Ed Koch, once felt moved to write a book titled “Giuliani: Nasty Man.” It sold well.

And yet here we are, just past Labor Day, when presidential campaigns become tangible affairs, and Rudy Giuliani isn’t showing any signs of fading. In fact, he continues to lead the rest of the Republican field in just about every national poll...

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Posted September 9, 2007 at 3:16 pm

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1. Irenaeus wrote:

Don’t forget his arrogance, abrasiveness, and inability to admit error.

He still can’t admit that the NYC police and fire departments had difficulties communicating with each other on 9/11/2001.

September 9, 4:54 pm | [comment link]
2. azusa wrote:

He’s unelectable.

September 9, 5:28 pm | [comment link]
3. Id rather not say wrote:

In a country where a majority still believe (last I checked) that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind 9/11 or somehow connected, it does not surprise me in the least that credible voters respond to the self-created image of Rudy Giuliani as “America’s Mayor” and “the mayor of 9/11.”

As a New Yorker, I can say that Rudy had his moment—overall, he was good for New York.  But that moment passed, and by the time his second term was almost up and he was on the way out, but before 9/11, polls showed that Rudy was widely (and in my view deservedly) disliked and that New York was ready to move on.  His strength in Republican polls only shows how weak the overall Republican field is.

September 9, 5:33 pm | [comment link]
4. Ad Orientem wrote:

OK.  Rudy is a certifiable curmudgeon.  Of this there is little debate.  This is not a man who will ever be nominated for Mr. Congeniality.  That said I don’t vote for people on the basis of personalities.  I vote for them on the basis of their politics and their track record.  Lets take the issues raised one at a time.

1.  He is pro- gun control.  So am I.  I am admittedly a convert to this position which would of course disqualify me from elective office since those seeking office are of course not permitted to have ever changed their mind on any subject for any reason.  That said I am not running, Rudy is.  And I have no issues here.

2.  He is pro-gay rights.  I am conflicted here.  As an Orthodox Christian I have serious problems with this lifestyle.  However I don’t think my religious opinions should be imposed on other people in civil or criminal law.  I am at heart rather libertarian. What others do in their own bedrooms with other consenting adults is none of my business, or anyone else’s excepting God, their confessor and who they are doing whatever with. 

Gay Marriage is a non issue since I am also opposed to heterosexual marriage.  Not the sacramental kind.  But rather the involvement of the government.  Marriage is an inherently religious institution.  Its regulation should be done by churches not legislatures.  Legally recognized civil unions (excluding the term marriage) is what everyone who wants legal recognition of their private domestic relationship should have to get from the government.  Those who then wish to get “married” should go to their respective place of worship and speak to their respective clergy person and ask to be married.  If the answer is “no” then they will have to decide whether to abide by that ruling or move to another place of worship that will accommodate their beliefs/desires/lifestyle.

My church has never and will never marry same gender couples.

3.  He once endorsed Mario Cuomo for governor.  Thats a problem.  But hey I voted for George Bush back in 2000.  We all occasionally do really stupid things.  The question is, has he repented of that?  (I have.)

4.  “Once, while mayor, he holed up for months at the apartment of a gay couple who were close friends of his. Try explaining that one at Bob Jones University.”
He can’t.  Don’t bother trying.  He was never ever going to get their votes anyway (he is at least nominally Catholic).  If he somehow did get some kind of endorsement from then that would be a far more serious problem with me than living with some gay friends.  I will stop there out of Christian charity.

5.  He has been twice divorced.  My church does not absolutely prohibit divorce.  But it does treat it seriously and we also don’t allow 4th marriages for any reason.  That aside, this is a family matter.  How exactly does this touch on his politics?

6.  He is pro-abortion.  That’s a deal breaker for me.  I have never knowingly voted for anyone in favor of a constitutional right for mothers to kill their children.  I doubt I could start now.

Beyond this I think Rudy is center right in his politics.  Meaning I see him as a fiscal conservative and tough on crime and foreign policy while being moderate to libertarian on social issues.  He is also a remarkably straight shooter when it comes to calling a spade a spade.  The man has never been known for mincing words when it comes to calling out hypocrites and liberal wienies.  Abortion is going to be a real problem with me though.  I am certain I won’t be able to vote for him in the primaries.  If he actually did get the nomination and the choice was between him and Hillary Clinton in the general election I would probably pull the lever for him as the lesser of evils.  But I would be mighty uncomfortable doing it. 

If he made some kind of pledge to set aside his personal support for abortion and not to use the powers of his office to advance that noxious cause, that might raise my comfort level a little bit.

September 9, 7:10 pm | [comment link]
5. bob carlton wrote:

If Rudy is the solutions to the last 6 years of mismanagement and incompetence, then what a sad state the GOP is in.

September 9, 7:58 pm | [comment link]
6. Harvey wrote:

I am trying to keep from getting involved with political religiosity.  Lets’s not shoot those kind of arrows at candidates.  If we had done this in the past 200 years there would have been different people elected as presidents.  And I wonder if they could have survived.  History records that a great majority of elected presidents were not religious or moral for that matter.

September 9, 8:01 pm | [comment link]
7. Wilfred wrote:

Whenever I hear a politician is in favor of “gun-control” , I think good, he knows the importance of clear target indentification, a strong stance, a high hand grasp, a firm grip, a smooth pull of the trigger,...

Oh wait!  He means something else.  Forget it.

September 9, 11:27 pm | [comment link]
8. libraryjim wrote:

My son and I went to a class on gun control this weekend.  Out of 25 targets with five shots each, he only missed the center circle three times, and once was on purpose.  I’d say he has a pretty good grasp of gun control!



“The world is a dangerous place to live — not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”—Albert Einstein

September 10, 10:18 am | [comment link]
9. Philip Snyder wrote:

Several years ago (96 election, I think) I saw a bumper sticker:  “Vote for Chuthulu.  Why choose the LESSER of two evils?”

In 2008, that idea may really apply.

Phil Snyder

“I do not believe because I understand.  I believe in order that I might understand” - Anselm
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

September 10, 11:00 am | [comment link]
10. libraryjim wrote:

sheesh. 25 targets. That would have been a good day.  he shot five rounds of two targets each, that’s only TEN. 

Oh well, I never claimed to be mathematically literate.  rolleyes

“The world is a dangerous place to live — not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”—Albert Einstein

September 10, 1:26 pm | [comment link]
11. Reactionary wrote:

As a rule of thumb, I don’t vote for cross-dressing men to hold the office of President.

September 12, 11:45 am | [comment link]

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