Anglican TV Schedule—live broadcast from Pittsburgh planned 8 pm Eastern tonight—UPDATE

Posted by The_Elves

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is in Pittburgh now. He plans a live stream of the Common Cause Bishops Council tonight at 8 pm Eastern (11:00 GMT / midnight London)

Here's the post where the stream from Pittsburgh will be broadcast.

You can read about Kevin's schedule and broadcast plans here.

NOW scheduled for approx 8 p.m. eastern (not 7) since there is no wifi to enable him to broadcast live:
Update: There is no internet in the William Penn Ballroom. There is free internet in the lobby. Sssoooo, I will tape the opening address of Bishop Duncan and then run up to the lobby and broadcast it. I would imagine it would be sometime around 8:00pm.

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Posted September 25, 2007 at 2:43 pm

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1. Jeff Thimsen wrote:

I hope that they check the sound system this time. I couldn’t hear Bp. Duncan at all in the most recent interview.

September 25, 2:52 pm | [comment link]
2. jumpinj wrote:

Nor could I.  Duncan’s face was turned to the right looking at Kevin.  Should have been lookinig straight forward so sound could impact the mike clipped to his lapel. 
Plus he does speak with a soft voice which indicates he is a gentle man trying to make a difference and succeeding so far as I’m concerned.  He will not “compromise” his faith and the actions involved. 
Blessings on this man of God and all those faithful followers.  jj

September 25, 3:54 pm | [comment link]

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